Safeguarding Adults at Simone’s House


We morally and legally commit to the safeguard and Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Abuse.

We report to and work within the London Multi – agency Policy and procedures to safeguard adults from abuse. Simone’s House leading local authority in this Safeguarding Process is the London Borough of Hillingdon Safeguarding Team.

We ensure that all our partners (workers) have been trained to spot an abusive situation, be aware of their own actions that may be deemed abusive and report, Whistleblowing such instances even when it concerns their own colleague.

PBT Management Team has the training and skills to respond to Adult abuse concerns sensitively, robustly and follow the locally agreed safeguarding procedures. In instances where the allegations of abuse  is by one of our team, we will conduct a robust investigation that is supported by an independent peer agency or specialist to ensure that there is fair and transparent investigation process and outcome.

Types of abuse

The different types of abuse we train our staff to be aware of include:

  •  Physical/Violence
  • Bullying
  • Financial
  • Sexual
  • Neglect / Deprivation (of nutrition, liberty, stimulation etc)
  • Discrimination
  • Emotional
  • Misuse of medication
  • Imposed Isolation / Confinement
  • Cyber/Internet abuse.

 We will take forceful actions to pursue preventative measures by our policies and procedures.  Please raise concerns with the Registered Manager or email

Our Safeguarding Lead is Christopher Biddle;